Reproject data#

In this example we will see how to reproject vector and raster datasets.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pyproj

We’ll start with the imports

import imod

Reproject points#

wgs84 = pyproj.CRS("EPSG:4326")
amersfoort = pyproj.CRS("EPSG:28992")
lon = [5.053, 4.479, 5.722]
lat = [52.201, 52.009, 52.19246]
x, y = pyproj.transform(wgs84, amersfoort, lat, lon)

print(x, y)
/builds/deltares/imod/imod-python/examples/prepare/ FutureWarning: This function is deprecated. See:
  x, y = pyproj.transform(wgs84, amersfoort, lat, lon)
[132152.59039576206, 92645.53179093148, 177892.31256041117] [468151.4109982556, 447126.7498917387, 467201.53865388193]

Reproject vector dataset#

In this case, the shapefile is imported using geopandas, obtaining a GeoDataFrame. GeoPandas has the option geopandas.GeoSeries.to_crs to directly change the coordinate system of a geopandas GeoDataFrame.

temp_dir = imod.util.temporary_directory()

lakes =

lakes_wgs84 = lakes.to_crs(epsg=4326)

Reproject raster dataset#

imod-python has the function imod.prepare.reproject(). There are three options:

1. Resample to a new cellsize#

Use the same projection: provide only “like”.

Importing the original file, which has a cellsize of 100.0 m and its EPSG is 28992:

ahn =["ahn"]

fig, ax = plt.subplots()
dx = 100.0, dy = -100.0
<matplotlib.image.AxesImage object at 0x7f51d32fb790>

We’ll create our like grid Resampling DataArray to a new cellsize of 50.0 m, by creating a like DataArray first:

xmin = 90950
xmax = 115650
ymax = 467550
ymin = 445850
cellsize = 50.0
dx = cellsize
dy = -cellsize

like = imod.util.empty_2d(dx, xmin, xmax, dy, ymin, ymax)

Apply the imod.prepare.reproject() function. The new dataset will have a 50 m resolution:

ahn_50m = imod.prepare.reproject(source=ahn, like=like, method="average")
(50.0, 50.0)

2. Only reproject#

Only provide the source coordinate reference system (src_crs) and the target coordinate reference system (dst_crs). In this case, to reproject from EPSG:28992 to EPSG:32631:

ahn_utm = imod.prepare.reproject(source=ahn, src_crs="EPSG:28992", dst_crs="EPSG:32631")
(99.98263748545853, 99.98263748545853)

If we plot, notice that the grid is slightly “rotated”. This is caused by the reprojection.

fig, ax = plt.subplots()
<matplotlib.image.AxesImage object at 0x7f51d913c710>

3. Reproject and resample to a specific domain#

Provide “src_crs”, “dst_crs” and “like”. The resulting dataset will have a cellsize of 50m and it’s coordinate system will be EPSG:32631:

ahn_utm_50m = imod.prepare.reproject(
    source=ahn, like=like, src_crs="EPSG:28992", dst_crs="EPSG:32631"
(50.0, 50.0)

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