cross_section(da, colors, levels[, layers, ...])

Wraps matplotlib.pcolormesh to draw cross-sections, drawing cell boundaries accurately.

plot_map(raster, colors, levels[, overlays, ...])

Plot raster on a map with optional vector overlays and basemap.

imshow_topview(da, name[, directory, cmap, ...])

Automatically colors by quantile.


param path:

Path to iMOD .leg file.

quiver(u, v, ax[, kwargs_quiver])

Wraps matplotlib.quiver to draw quiver plots.

streamfunction(da, ax[, n_streamlines, ...])

Wraps matplotlib.contour to draw stream lines.

waterbalance_barchart(df, inflows, outflows)

param df:

The dataframe containing the water balance data.

grid_3d(da[, vertical_exaggeration, ...])

Constructs a 3D PyVista representation of a DataArray.

line_3d(polygon[, z])

Returns the exterior line of a shapely polygon.

GridAnimation3D(da[, vertical_exaggeration, ...])

Class to easily setup 3D animations for transient data.

StaticGridAnimation3D(da[, ...])

Class to easily setup 3D animations for transient data; Should only be used when the location of the displayed cells is constant over time.