Prepare model input#

Regridder(method[, ndim_regrid, ...])

Object to repeatedly regrid similar objects.


Object to repeatedly regrid layers of similar objects.

Voxelizer(method[, use_relative_weights])

Object to repeatedly voxelize similar objects.

fill(da[, invalid, by])

Replace the value of invalid da cells (indicated by invalid) using basic nearest neighbour interpolation.

laplace_interpolate(source[, ibound, close, ...])

Fills gaps in source by interpolating from existing values using Laplace interpolation.


Polygonize a 2D-DataArray into a GeoDataFrame of polygons.

reproject(source[, like, src_crs, dst_crs, ...])

Reprojects and/or resamples a 2D xarray DataArray to a different cellsize or coordinate system.

rasterize(geodataframe, like[, column, fill])

Rasterize a geopandas GeoDataFrame onto the given xarray coordinates.

gdal_rasterize(path, column[, like, nodata, ...])

Use GDAL to rasterize a vector file into an xarray.DataArray.

celltable(path, column, resolution, like[, ...])

Process area of features by rasterizing in a chunkwise manner to limit memory usage.

rasterize_celltable(table, column, like)

Rasterizes a table, such as produced by imod.prepare.spatial.celltable.

zonal_aggregate_polygons(path_a, path_b, ...)

Compute a zonal aggregate of polygon data for (other) polygon geometries, e.g.

zonal_aggregate_raster(path, column, raster, ...)

Compute a zonal aggregate of raster data for polygon geometries, e.g.

assign_wells(wells, top, bottom[, k, ...])

Distribute well pumping rate according to filter length when k=None, or to transmissivity of the sediments surrounding the filter.