GridData(area, landuse, rootzone_depth, ...)

This contains the grid data of MetaSWAP.

Infiltration(infiltration_capacity, ...)

This contains the infiltration data.

Ponding(ponding_depth, runon_resistance, ...)

Set ponding related parameters for MetaSWAP.

ScalingFactors(scale_soil_moisture, ...)

This package allows you to do three things:

Sprinkling(max_abstraction_groundwater, ...)

This contains the sprinkling capacities of links between SVAT units and groundwater/surface water locations.

IdfMapping(area, nodata)

Describes svat location in the IDF grid.


Specify the accumulation periods which will be used to write output.

VariableOutputControl([Pm, Psgw, Pssw, ...])

Control which variables will be created as output.


Use an equilibrium profile to initialize the model.


The precipitation intensity at the starting time (iybg, tdbg in PARA_SIM.INP) is used for initializing the percolation flux in the profiles.


Use the pF-value of the root zone pressure head as initial condition.


Use saved state of a previous MetaSWAP run as initial condition.

LanduseOptions(landuse_name, ...)

Land use options.

AnnualCropFactors(soil_cover, ...)

For each vegetation type specify a yearly trend in vegetation factors and interception characteristics.

MeteoGrid(precipitation, evapotranspiration)

This contains the meteorological grid data.


This contains the data to connect evapotranspiration grid cells to MetaSWAP svats.


This contains the data to connect precipitation grid cells to MetaSWAP svats.

CouplerMapping(modflow_dis[, well])

This contains the data to connect MODFLOW 6 cells to MetaSWAP svats.


Contains data and writes consistent model input files