Read Output#

open_hds(hds_path, grb_path[, dry_nan])

Open modflow6 heads (.hds) file.

open_cbc(cbc_path, grb_path[, flowja])

Open modflow6 cell-by-cell (.cbc) file.


Read all the header data from a cell-by-cell (.cbc) budget file.

Model objects & methods#



Collect all unique times from model packages and additional given times.

Modflow6Simulation.write([directory, ...])

Write Modflow6 simulation, including assigned groundwater flow and transport models.

GroundwaterFlowModel([listing_file, ...])


StructuredDiscretization(top, bottom, idomain)

Discretization information for structered grids is specified using the file.

VerticesDiscretization(top, bottom, idomain)

Discretization by Vertices (DISV).

TimeDiscretization(timestep_duration[, ...])

Timing for all models of the simulation is controlled by the Temporal Discretization (TDIS) Package.

Model settings#

OutputControl([save_head, save_budget, ...])

The Output Control Option determines how and when heads are printed to the listing file and/or written to a separate binary output file.

Solution(modelnames, outer_dvclose, ...[, ...])

Iterative Model Solution.

SolutionPresetSimple(modelnames[, ...])

SolutionPresetModerate(modelnames[, ...])

SolutionPresetComplex(modelnames[, ...])

Flow Packages#

Buoyancy(reference_density, ...[, ...])

Buoyancy package.

ConstantHead(head[, concentration, ...])

Constant-Head package.

Drainage(elevation, conductance[, ...])

The Drain package is used to simulate head-dependent flux boundaries.

Evapotranspiration(surface, rate, depth, ...)

Evapotranspiration (EVT) Package.

GeneralHeadBoundary(head, conductance[, ...])

The General-Head Boundary package is used to simulate head-dependent flux boundaries.


Horizontal Flow Barrier (HFB) package

HorizontalFlowBarrierMultiplier(multiplier, ...)

Horizontal Flow Barrier (HFB) package

HorizontalFlowBarrierResistance(resistance, ...)

Horizontal Flow Barrier (HFB) package

InitialConditions([start, head, validate])

Initial Conditions (IC) Package information is read from the file that is specified by "IC6" as the file type.

NodePropertyFlow(icelltype, k[, rewet, ...])

Node Property Flow package.

Recharge(rate[, concentration, ...])

Recharge Package.

River(stage, conductance, bottom_elevation)

River package.

SpecificStorage(specific_storage, ...[, ...])

Storage Package with specific storage.

StorageCoefficient(storage_coefficient, ...)

Storage Package with a storage coefficient.

UnsaturatedZoneFlow(...[, et_pot, ...])

Unsaturated Zone Flow (UZF) package.

WellDisStructured(layer, row, column, rate)

WEL package for structured discretization (DIS) models .

WellDisVertices(layer, cell2d, rate[, ...])

WEL package for discretization by vertices (DISV) models.

Transport Packages#


The central-in-space weighting scheme is based on a simple distance-weighted linear interpolation between the center of cell n and the center of cell m to calculate solute concentration at the shared face between cell n and cell m.


An implicit second order TVD scheme.


The upstream weighting (first order upwind) scheme sets the concentration at the cellface between two adjacent cells equal to the concentration in the cell where the flow comes from.

ConstantConcentration(concentration[, ...])

Constant Concentration package.

Dispersion(diffusion_coefficient, ...[, ...])

Molecular Diffusion and Dispersion.

ImmobileStorageTransfer(...[, decay, ...])

The Immobile Storage and Transfer (IST) package represents an immobile fraction of groundwater.

MobileStorageTransfer(porosity[, decay, ...])

Mobile Storage.

MassSourceLoading(rate[, print_input, ...])

Mass Source Loading (SRC) package for structured discretization (DIS) models.