Read Output#

open_hds(hds_path, grb_path[, dry_nan])

Open modflow6 heads (.hds) file.

open_cbc(cbc_path, grb_path[, flowja])

Open modflow6 cell-by-cell (.cbc) file.


Read all the header data from a cell-by-cell (.cbc) budget file.

Model objects & methods#



Collect all unique times from model packages and additional given times.

Modflow6Simulation.write([directory, ...])

Write Modflow6 simulation, including assigned groundwater flow and transport models.

GroundwaterFlowModel([listing_file, ...])


StructuredDiscretization(*_, **__)

Discretization information for structered grids is specified using the file.

VerticesDiscretization(*_, **__)

Discretization by Vertices (DISV).

TimeDiscretization(*_, **__)

Timing for all models of the simulation is controlled by the Temporal Discretization (TDIS) Package.

Model settings#

OutputControl(*_, **__)

The Output Control Option determines how and when heads are printed to the listing file and/or written to a separate binary output file.

Solution(*_, **__)

Iterative Model Solution.

SolutionPresetSimple(modelnames[, ...])

SolutionPresetModerate(modelnames[, ...])

SolutionPresetComplex(modelnames[, ...])

Flow Packages#

Buoyancy(*_, **__)

Buoyancy package.

ConstantHead(*_, **__)

Constant-Head package.

Drainage(*_, **__)

The Drain package is used to simulate head-dependent flux boundaries.

Evapotranspiration(*_, **__)

Evapotranspiration (EVT) Package.

GeneralHeadBoundary(*_, **__)

The General-Head Boundary package is used to simulate head-dependent flux boundaries.

HorizontalFlowBarrierHydraulicCharacteristic(*_, ...)

Horizontal Flow Barrier (HFB) package

HorizontalFlowBarrierMultiplier(*_, **__)

Horizontal Flow Barrier (HFB) package

HorizontalFlowBarrierResistance(*_, **__)

Horizontal Flow Barrier (HFB) package

InitialConditions(*_, **__)

Initial Conditions (IC) Package information is read from the file that is specified by "IC6" as the file type.

NodePropertyFlow(*_, **__)

Node Property Flow package.

Recharge(*_, **__)

Recharge Package.

River(*_, **__)

River package.

SpecificStorage(*_, **__)

Storage Package with specific storage.

StorageCoefficient(*_, **__)

Storage Package with a storage coefficient.

UnsaturatedZoneFlow(*_, **__)

Unsaturated Zone Flow (UZF) package.

WellDisStructured(*_, **__)

WEL package for structured discretization (DIS) models .

WellDisVertices(*_, **__)

WEL package for discretization by vertices (DISV) models.

Transport Packages#

AdvectionCentral(*_, **__)

The central-in-space weighting scheme is based on a simple distance-weighted linear interpolation between the center of cell n and the center of cell m to calculate solute concentration at the shared face between cell n and cell m.

AdvectionTVD(*_, **__)

An implicit second order TVD scheme.

AdvectionUpstream(*_, **__)

The upstream weighting (first order upwind) scheme sets the concentration at the cellface between two adjacent cells equal to the concentration in the cell where the flow comes from.

ConstantConcentration(*_, **__)

Constant Concentration package.

Dispersion(*_, **__)

Molecular Diffusion and Dispersion.

ImmobileStorageTransfer(*_, **__)

The Immobile Storage and Transfer (IST) package represents an immobile fraction of groundwater.

MobileStorageTransfer(*_, **__)

Mobile Storage.

MassSourceLoading(*_, **__)

Mass Source Loading (SRC) package for structured discretization (DIS) models.