Input/output#[, use_cftime, pattern])

Open one or more IDF files as an xarray.DataArray.

idf.open_dataset(globpath[, use_cftime, pattern])

Open a set of IDFs to a dict of xarray.DataArrays.

idf.open_subdomains(path[, use_cftime, pattern])

Combine IDF files of multiple subdomains., a[, nodata, pattern, dtype])

Write a xarray.DataArray to one or more IDF files

idf.header(path, pattern)

Read the IDF header information into a dictionary[, kwargs, assoc_kwargs])

Read one or more IPF files to a single pandas.DataFrame, including associated (TXT) files.

ipf.read_associated(path[, kwargs])

Read an IPF associated file (TXT)., df[, itype, assoc_ext, ...])

Saves the contents of a pandas DataFrame to one or more IPF files, and associated (TXT) files.

ipf.write(path, df[, indexcolumn, ...])

Writes a single IPF file.

ipf.write_assoc(path, df[, itype, nodata, ...])

Writes a single IPF associated (TXT) file.

rasterio.header(path, pattern)[, use_cftime, pattern])

Open one or more GDAL supported raster files as an xarray.DataArray., a[, driver, nodata, ...])

Write a xarray.DataArray to one or more rasterio supported files

Read a GEN file to a geopandas GeoDataFrame.

gen.write(path, geodataframe[, feature_type])

Write a GeoDataFrame to a binary GEN file.


Read a text ASCII GEN file to a geopandas GeoDataFrame.


Read an iMOD project file into a collection of nested dictionaries.


Read the contents of an iMOD project file and read/open the data present in it:


prj.convert_to_disv(projectfile_data, target)

Convert the contents of a project file to a MODFLOW6 DISV model.