class imod.wq.RechargeHighestActive(rate, concentration, save_budget=False)[source]#

The Recharge package is used to simulate a specified flux distributed over the top of the model and specified in units of length/time (usually m/d). Within MODFLOW, these rates are multiplied by the horizontal area of the cells to which they are applied to calculate the volumetric flux rates. In this class the Recharge gets applied to the highest active cell in each vertical column (NRCHOP=3).

  • rate (float or xr.DataArray of floats) – is the amount of recharge.

  • concentration (float or xr.DataArray of floats) – is the concentration of the recharge

  • save_budget (bool, optional) – flag indicating if the budget needs to be saved. Default is False.

__init__(rate, concentration, save_budget=False)[source]#


__init__(rate, concentration[, save_budget])

add_timemap(*args, **kwargs)

from_file(path, **kwargs)

Loads an imod-wq package from a file (currently only netcdf and zarr are supported).


repeat_stress([rate, concentration, use_cftime])



write_netcdf(directory, pkgname[, ...])

Write to netcdf.