class imod.wq.GeneralHeadBoundary(head, conductance, density, concentration=None, save_budget=False)[source]#

The General-Head Boundary package is used to simulate head-dependent flux boundaries. In the General-Head Boundary package the flux is always proportional to the difference in head.

  • head (float or xr.DataArray of floats) – head value for the GHB (BHEAD).

  • conductance (float or xr.DataArray of floats) – the conductance of the GHB (COND).

  • density (float or xr.DataArray of floats) – is the density used to convert the point head to the freshwater head (GHBSSMDENS).

  • concentration ("None" or xr.DataArray of floats, optional) – concentration of the GHB (CGHB), get automatically inserted into the SSM package. Default is “None”.

  • save_budget (bool, optional) – is a flag indicating if the budget should be saved (IGHBCB). Default is False.

__init__(head, conductance, density, concentration=None, save_budget=False)[source]#


__init__(head, conductance, density[, ...])

add_timemap(*args, **kwargs)

from_file(path, **kwargs)

Loads an imod-wq package from a file (currently only netcdf and zarr are supported).


repeat_stress([head, conductance, density, ...])



write_netcdf(directory, pkgname[, ...])

Write to netcdf.