imod.util.empty_2d(dx: Union[float, ndarray], xmin: float, xmax: float, dy: Union[float, ndarray], ymin: float, ymax: float) DataArray[source]#

Create an empty 2D (x, y) DataArray.

dx and dy may be provided as:

  • scalar: for equidistant spacing

  • array: for non-equidistant spacing

Note that xarray (and netCDF4) uses midpoint coordinates. xmin and xmax are used to generate the appropriate midpoints.

  • dx (float, 1d array of floats) – cell size along x

  • xmin (float) –

  • xmax (float) –

  • dy (float, 1d array of floats) – cell size along y

  • ymin (float) –

  • ymax (float) –


empty – Filled with NaN.

Return type: