imod.prepare.laplace_interpolate(source, ibound=None, close=0.01, mxiter=5, iter1=50, relax=0.98)[source]#

Fills gaps in source by interpolating from existing values using Laplace interpolation.

  • source (xr.DataArray of floats with dims (y, x)) – Data values to interpolate.

  • ibound (xr.DataArray of bool with dims (y, x)) – Precomputed array which marks where to interpolate.

  • close (float) – Closure criteration of iterative solver. Should be one to two orders of magnitude smaller than desired accuracy.

  • mxiter (int) – Outer iterations of iterative solver.

  • iter1 (int) – Inner iterations of iterative solver. Should not exceed 50.

  • relax (float) – Iterative solver relaxation parameter. Should be between 0 and 1.


interpolated – source, with interpolated values where ibound equals 1

Return type:

xr.DataArray with dims (y, x)