imod.prepare.fill(da, invalid=None, by=None)[source]#

Replace the value of invalid da cells (indicated by invalid) using basic nearest neighbour interpolation.

  • da (xr.DataArray with gaps) – array containing missing value

  • by (str, optional) – dimension over which the array will be filled, one by one. See the examples.

  • invalid (xr.DataArray) – a binary array of same shape as da. data value are replaced where invalid is True If None (default), uses: invalid = np.isnan(data)


with the same coordinates as the input.

Return type:



A common use case is filling holes in a DataArray, filling it with the value of its nearest (valid) neighbor:

>>> filled = imod.prepare.fill(da)

In case of a tie (e.g. neighbors in x and y are both one cell removed), the neighbor in the last dimension is chosen (for rasters, that’s generally x).

A typical use case is filling a 3D array (layer, y, x), but only in the horizontal dimensions. The by keyword can be used to do this:

>>> filled = imod.prepare.fill(da, by="layer")

In this case, the array is filled by one layer at a time.