imod.prepare.assign_wells(wells: DataFrame, top: Union[DataArray, UgridDataArray], bottom: Union[DataArray, UgridDataArray], k: Optional[Union[DataArray, UgridDataArray]] = None, minimum_thickness: Optional[float] = 0.05, minimum_k: Optional[float] = 1.0) DataFrame[source]#

Distribute well pumping rate according to filter length when k=None, or to transmissivity of the sediments surrounding the filter. Minimum thickness and minimum k should be set to avoid placing wells in clay layers.

Wells located outside of the grid are removed.

  • wells (pd.DataFrame) – Should contain columns x, y, id, top, bottom, rate.

  • top (xr.DataArray or xu.UgridDataArray) – Top of the model layers.

  • bottom (xr.DataArray or xu.UgridDataArray) – Bottom of the model layers.

  • k (xr.DataArray or xu.UgridDataArray, optional) – Horizontal conductivity of the model layers.

  • minimum_thickness (float, optional, default: 0.01) –

  • minimum_k (float, optional, default: 1.0) – Minimum conductivity


placed_wells – Wells with rate subdivided per layer. Contains the original columns of wells, as well as layer, overlap, transmissivity.

Return type: