class imod.msw.VariableOutputControl(Pm=True, Psgw=True, Pssw=True, qrun=True, qdr=True, qspgw=True, qmodf=True, ETact=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Control which variables will be created as output. The variable names used in this class provide a condensed water balance. You can use additional keyword arguments to set more variables by using their specific name, e.g. vcr = True for the water balance error. For all possibilities see the SIMGRO Input and Output description.

All budgets will be written in m unit to in .idf files and to mm unit in .csv files.

  • Pm (bool) – Write measured precipitation

  • Psgw (bool) – Write sprinkling precipitation, from groundwater

  • Pssw (bool) – Write sprinkling precipitation, from surface water

  • qrun (bool) – Write runon

  • qdr (bool) – Write net infiltration of surface water

  • qspgw (bool) – Groundwater extraction for sprinkling from layer

  • qmodf (bool) – Sum of all MODFLOW stresses on groundwater

  • ETact (bool) – Write total actual evapotranspiration, which is the sum of the sprinkling evaporation (Esp), interception evaporation (Eic), ponding evaporation (Epd) bare soil evaporation (Ebs), and actual transpiration (Tact).

  • **kwargs (bool) – Additional variables to let MetaSWAP write

__init__(Pm=True, Psgw=True, Pssw=True, qrun=True, qdr=True, qspgw=True, qmodf=True, ETact=True, **kwargs)[source]#


__init__([Pm, Psgw, Pssw, qrun, qdr, qspgw, ...])



write(directory, index, svat)

Write MetaSWAP package to its corresponding fixed format file.

write_dataframe_fixed_width(file, dataframe)

Write dataframe to fixed format file.