class imod.msw.EvapotranspirationMapping(evapotranspiration: DataArray)[source]#

This contains the data to connect evapotranspiration grid cells to MetaSWAP svats. The evapotranspiration grid does not have to be equal to the metaswap grid: connections between the evapotranspiration cells to svats will be established using a nearest neighbour lookup.

This class is responsible for the file svat2etrefgrid.inp.


evapotransporation (array of floats (xr.DataArray)) – Describes the evapotransporation data. The extend of the grid must be larger than the MetaSvap grid. The data must also be coarser than the MetaSvap grid.

__init__(evapotranspiration: DataArray)[source]#



grid_mapping(svat, meteo_grid)



write(directory, index, svat)

Write MetaSWAP package to its corresponding fixed format file.

write_dataframe_fixed_width(file, dataframe)

Write dataframe to fixed format file.