imod.mf6.read_cbc_headers(cbc_path: Union[str, Path]) Dict[str, List[Union[Imeth1Header, Imeth6Header]]][source]#

Read all the header data from a cell-by-cell (.cbc) budget file.

All budget data for a MODFLOW6 model is stored in a single file. This function collects all header data, as well as the starting byte position of the actual budget data.

This function groups the headers per TEXT record (e.g. “flow-ja-face”, “drn”, etc.). The headers are stored as a list of named tuples. flow-ja-face, storage-ss, and storage-sy are written using IMETH=1, all others with IMETH=6.


cbc_path (str, pathlib.Path) – Path to the budget file.


headers – Dictionary containing a list of headers per TEXT record in the budget file.

Return type:

Dict[List[UnionImeth1Header, Imeth6Header]]