class imod.mf6.SpecificStorage(specific_storage, specific_yield, transient, convertible)[source]#

Storage Package with specific storage.

From wikipedia (

“The specific storage is the amount of water that a portion of an aquifer releases from storage, per unit mass or volume of aquifer, per unit change in hydraulic head, while remaining fully saturated.”

If the STO Package is not included for a model, then storage changes will not be calculated, and thus, the model will be steady state. Only one STO Package can be specified for a GWF model.

  • specific_storage (array of floats (xr.DataArray)) – Is specific storage. Specific storage values must be greater than or equal to 0. (ss)

  • specific_yield (array of floats (xr.DataArray)) – Is specific yield. Specific yield values must be greater than or equal to 0. Specific yield does not have to be specified if there are no convertible cells (convertible=0 in every cell). (sy)

  • convertible (array of int (xr.DataArray)) – Is a flag for each cell that specifies whether or not a cell is convertible for the storage calculation. 0 indicates confined storage is used. >0 indicates confined storage is used when head is above cell top and a mixed formulation of unconfined and confined storage is used when head is below cell top. (iconvert)

  • transient (({True, False})) – Boolean to indicate if the model is transient or steady-state.

__init__(specific_storage, specific_yield, transient, convertible)[source]#


__init__(specific_storage, specific_yield, ...)


from_file(path, **kwargs)

Loads an imod mf6 package from a file (currently only netcdf and zarr are supported).





render(directory, pkgname, globaltimes, binary)


to_sparse(arrdict, layer)

Convert from dense arrays to list based input

write(directory, pkgname, globaltimes, binary)

write_binary_griddata(outpath, da, dtype)

write_blockfile(directory, pkgname, ...)

write_netcdf(directory, pkgname[, ...])

Write to netcdf.

write_text_griddata(outpath, da, dtype)