imod.formats.prj.read_projectfile(path: Union[str, PathLike[str]]) Dict[str, Any][source]#

Read an iMOD project file into a collection of nested dictionaries.

The top-level keys are the “topic” entries such “bnd” or “riv” in the project file. An example structure of the dictionaries is visualized below:

` content ├── bnd    ├── active: bool    └── ibound: list of dictionaries for each layer ├── riv    ├── active: bool    ├── conductance: list of dictionaries for each time and layer.    ├── stage: idem.    ├── bottom_elevation: idem.    └── infiltration_factor: idem. etc. `

Time and layer are flattened into a single list and time is included in every dictionary:

` stage ├── 0  # First entry in list    ├── active: bool    ├── is_constant: bool    ├── layer: int    ├── factor: float    ├── addition: float    ├── constant: float    ├── path: str    └── time: str ├── 1  # Second entry in list    ├── etc. etc. `


path (str or Path) –



Return type:

Dict[str, Any]