class imod.flow.HorizontalAnisotropy(anisotropy_factor, anisotropy_angle)[source]#

Horizontal anisotropy is a phenomenon in which the horizontal hydraulic conductivity is not equal along the x and y Cartesian axes. iMODFLOW can calculate this anisotropy based on a anisotropy factor and an anisotropy angle. iMODFLOW also accounts for the cross-terms in the horizontal hydraulic conductivity tensor.

See also section 12.14 “ANI Horizontal anisotropy module” in the iMOD v5.2 manual for further explanation.

  • anisotropy_factor (xr.DataArray) – The anisotropy factor is defined perpendicular to the main principal axis. The factor is between 0.0 (full anisotropic) and 1.0 (full isotropic)

  • anisotropy_angle (xr.DataArray) – The anisotropy angle denotes the angle along the main principal axis (highest permeability k) measured in degrees from north (0°), east (90°), south (180°) and west (270°).

__init__(anisotropy_factor, anisotropy_angle)[source]#


__init__(anisotropy_factor, anisotropy_angle)

compose(directory, globaltimes, nlayer[, ...])

Composes package, not useful for boundary conditions

from_file(path, **kwargs)

Loads an imod-flow package from a file (currently only netcdf and zarr are supported).