imod.evaluate.intra_cell_boundary_conditions(top_bot, porosity=0.3, riv=None, ghb=None, drn=None, drop_allnan=True)[source]#

Function to pre-check boundary-conditions against one another for large intra-cell fluxes. ghb and river can function as source and sink, drn only as sink.

  • top_bot (xr.Dataset of floats) – ‘top_bot’ should at least contain top and bot data_vars

  • porosity (float or xr.DataArray of floats, optional) – Effective porosity of model cells

  • riv ((dict or list of) imod.RiverPackage, optional) –

  • ghb ((dict or list of) imod.GeneralHeadBoundaryPackage, optional) –

  • drn ((dict or list of) imod.DrainagePackage, optional) –

  • drop_allnan (boolean, optional) – Whether source-sink combinations without overlap should be dropped from result (default True)


  • dt_min (xr.DataArray of floats) – dt_min is the minimum calculated timestep over all combinations of boundary conditions

  • dt_all (xr.DataArray of floats) – dt_all is the calculated timestep for all combinations of boundary conditions