Source code for imod.wq.ghb

from imod.wq.pkgbase import BoundaryCondition

# class GeneralHeadBoundaryGroup(object):
# Does a groupby over packages of the same kind when writing
# Collects total data of all same kind packages
# adds a system number
# This one is actually in charge of generating the output from
# the dictionaries provided by the ._compose_values methods
# Every system is treated independently

[docs]class GeneralHeadBoundary(BoundaryCondition): """ The General-Head Boundary package is used to simulate head-dependent flux boundaries. In the General-Head Boundary package the flux is always proportional to the difference in head. Parameters ---------- head: float or xr.DataArray of floats head value for the GHB (BHEAD). conductance: float or xr.DataArray of floats the conductance of the GHB (COND). density: float or xr.DataArray of floats is the density used to convert the point head to the freshwater head (GHBSSMDENS). concentration: "None" or xr.DataArray of floats, optional concentration of the GHB (CGHB), get automatically inserted into the SSM package. Default is "None". save_budget: bool, optional is a flag indicating if the budget should be saved (IGHBCB). Default is False. """ _pkg_id = "ghb" _mapping = (("bhead", "head"), ("cond", "conductance"), ("ghbssmdens", "density"))
[docs] def __init__( self, head, conductance, density, concentration=None, save_budget=False ): super().__init__() self["head"] = head self["conductance"] = conductance self["density"] = density if concentration is not None: self["concentration"] = concentration self["save_budget"] = save_budget
def _pkgcheck(self, ibound=None): to_check = ["conductance", "density"] if "concentration" in self.dataset.data_vars: to_check.append("concentration") self._check_positive(to_check) to_check.append("head") self._check_location_consistent(to_check) def repeat_stress( self, head=None, conductance=None, density=None, concentration=None, use_cftime=False, ): varnames = ["head", "conductance", "density", "concentration"] values = [head, conductance, density, concentration] for varname, value in zip(varnames, values): self._repeat_stress(varname, value, use_cftime)