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[docs]def upper_active_layer(da, is_ibound=True, include_constant_head=False): """ Function to get the upper active layer from ibound xarray.DataArray Parameters ---------- da : xarray.DataArray A 3D DataArray is_ibound: bool, optional If True, ``da`` is interpreted as ibound, with values 0: inactive, 1: active, -1 constant head. If False, ``upper_active_layer`` is interpreted as first layer that has data. Default is True. include_constant_head : bool, optional If True and ``is_ibound``, also include constant head cells. Default is False. Returns ------- 2d xr.DataArray of layernumber of upper active model layer """ da = da.load() if is_ibound: # check if indeed ibound: convertible to int if not da.astype(int).equals(da): raise ValueError( "Passed DataArray is no ibound, while is_bound was set to True" ) # include constant head cells (?) if include_constant_head: is_active = da.fillna(0) != 0 # must be filled for argmax else: is_active = da.fillna(0) > 0 else: is_active = ~da.isnull() # get layer of upper active cell da = is_active.layer.isel(layer=is_active.argmax(dim="layer")) da = da.drop_vars("layer") # skip where no active cells return da.where(is_active.sum(dim="layer") > 0)