Source code for imod.mf6.ic

import numpy as np

from imod.mf6.pkgbase import Package, VariableMetaData

[docs]class InitialConditions(Package): """ Initial Conditions (IC) Package information is read from the file that is specified by "IC6" as the file type. Only one IC Package can be specified for a GWF model. Parameters ---------- head: array of floats (xr.DataArray) is the initial (starting) head—that is, head at the beginning of the GWF Model simulation. STRT must be specified for all simulations, including steady-state simulations. One value is read for every model cell. For simulations in which the first stress period is steady state, the values used for STRT generally do not affect the simulation (exceptions may occur if cells go dry and (or) rewet). The execution time, however, will be less if STRT includes hydraulic heads that are close to the steadystate solution. A head value lower than the cell bottom can be provided if a cell should start as dry. (strt) """ _pkg_id = "ic" _metadata_dict = {"head": VariableMetaData(np.floating)} _grid_data = {"head": np.float64} _keyword_map = {"head": "strt"} _template = Package._initialize_template(_pkg_id)
[docs] def __init__(self, head): super().__init__(locals()) self.dataset["head"] = head self._pkgcheck()
def render(self, directory, pkgname, globaltimes, binary): d = {} icdirectory = directory / "ic" d["layered"], d["strt"] = self._compose_values( self["head"], icdirectory, "strt", binary=binary ) return self._template.render(d)