Source code for imod.flow.sto

from imod.flow.pkgbase import Package

[docs]class StorageCoefficient(Package): """ Storage coefficient [-]. Be careful, this is not the same as the specific storage. From wikipedia ( Storativity or the storage coefficient is the volume of water released from storage per unit decline in hydraulic head in the aquifer, per unit area of the aquifer. Storativity is a dimensionless quantity, and is always greater than 0. Under confined conditions: S = Ss * b, where S is the storage coefficient, Ss the specific storage, and b the aquifer thickness. Under unconfined conditions: S = Sy, where Sy is the specific yield Parameters ---------- storage_coefficient : float or xr.DataArray Storage coefficient, dims = ("layer", "y", "x"). """ _pkg_id = "sto" _variable_order = ["storage_coefficient"]
[docs] def __init__(self, storage_coefficient): super().__init__() self.dataset["storage_coefficient"] = storage_coefficient
[docs]class SpecificStorage(Package): """ Specific storage [L-1]. Be careful, this is not the same as the storage coefficient. From wikipedia ( The specific storage is the amount of water that a portion of an aquifer releases from storage, per unit mass or volume of aquifer, per unit change in hydraulic head, while remaining fully saturated. Parameters ---------- specific_storage : float or xr.DataArray Specific storage, dims ``("layer", "y", "x")``. """ _pkg_id = "ssc" _variable_order = ["specific_storage"]
[docs] def __init__(self, specific_storage): super().__init__() self.dataset["specific_storage"] = specific_storage