Source code for imod.flow.evt

from imod.flow.pkgbase import TopBoundaryCondition

[docs]class EvapoTranspiration(TopBoundaryCondition): """ Recharge provides a fixed flux boundary condition to the top layer of the groundwater system. Note that unlike in iMOD-WQ, there is only the option in iMODFLOW to apply the recharge package to the top layer. Parameters ---------- rate: float or xr.DataArray of floats evaporation rate in mm/day (NOTA BENE!), dims ``("time", "y", "x")``. top_elevation: floats or xr.DataArray of floats Top elevation in m+MSL for maximal evapotranspiration strength. extinction_depth: float or xr.Datarray of floats Depth [m] in which evapotranspiration strength reduced to zero. """ _pkg_id = "evt" _variable_order = ["rate", "top_elevation", "extinction_depth"]
[docs] def __init__(self, rate, top_elevation, extinction_depth): super().__init__() self.dataset["rate"] = rate self.dataset["top_elevation"] = top_elevation self.dataset["extinction_depth"] = extinction_depth