Source code for imod.couplers.metamod.node_svat_mapping

import numpy as np
import xarray as xr

from imod import mf6
from imod.couplers.metamod.mappingbase import MetaModMapping
from imod.msw.fixed_format import VariableMetaData

[docs]class NodeSvatMapping(MetaModMapping): """ This contains the data to connect MODFLOW 6 cells (user nodes) to MetaSWAP svats. This class is responsible for the file `nodenr2svat.dxc`. Parameters ---------- svat: array of floats (xr.DataArray) SVAT units. This array must have a subunit coordinate to describe different land uses. modflow_dis: mf6.StructuredDiscretization Modflow 6 structured discretization """ _file_name = "nodenr2svat.dxc" _metadata_dict = { "mod_id": VariableMetaData(10, 1, 9999999, int), "free": VariableMetaData(2, None, None, str), "svat": VariableMetaData(10, 1, 9999999, int), "layer": VariableMetaData(5, 0, 9999, int), } _with_subunit = ("mod_id", "svat", "layer") _to_fill = ("free",)
[docs] def __init__( self, svat: xr.DataArray, modflow_dis: mf6.StructuredDiscretization, ): super().__init__() self.dataset["svat"] = svat self.dataset["layer"] = xr.full_like(svat, 1) idomain_top_layer = modflow_dis["idomain"].sel(layer=1, drop=True) # Test if equal to or larger than 1, to ignore idomain == -1 as well. # Don't assign to self.dataset, as grid extent might differ from svat self.idomain_active = idomain_top_layer >= 1 self._pkgcheck() self._create_mod_id()
def _create_mod_id(self): """ Create modflow indices for the recharge layer, which is where infiltration will take place. """ self.dataset["mod_id"] = xr.full_like( self.dataset["svat"], fill_value=0, dtype=np.int64 ) n_subunit = self.dataset["subunit"].size n_mod = self.idomain_active.sum() idomain_active = self.idomain_active.values # idomain does not have a subunit dimension, so tile for n_subunits mod_id_1d = np.tile(np.arange(1, n_mod + 1), (n_subunit, 1)) self.dataset["mod_id"].values[:, idomain_active] = mod_id_1d def _pkgcheck(self): # Check if active msw cell inactive in idomain active = self.dataset["svat"] != 0 inactive_in_idomain = active > self.idomain_active if inactive_in_idomain.any(): raise ValueError( "Active MetaSWAP cell detected in inactive cell in Modflow6 idomain" )